Filming at Delta Heritage Air Park

Delta Stakeholders:
FYI Filming production:
On Monday March 11 at 10:00 AM Marathon Park Productions is planning to come
to the airpark to film a scene for a movie.
They would like to include approximately 15 aircraft from the field on view
in the filming and some hangar doors open.
The production company is willing to compensate the owners accordingly.
If you would like to offer your aircraft for inclusion into the film as a
static display let me or Gerard know. It would likely involve placing it on
the field overnight or moving it out Monday morning.
It occurred to me that day is also the day after a pancake breakfast so
perhaps some visitors would like to participate. If you are aware of any
that might be interested let them know about it.
Sounds like fun!
See you Sunday AM.

John Macready
Delta Heritage Air Park Operating Committee (DapCom)
Delta Heritage Air Park
4103 104 St,Delta, BC,
Phone: 604-984-6428