Flying U Ranch Open House

Open House

July 6 Frontier Day Celebration at the Flying U!

Open House to all the residents of Green Lake to drop in and enjoy the Flying U ranch.

"This is a day when range dwellers meet city folk in a grand and glorious day"

- From a Flying U poster dated 1931
•Free horse rides and balloons for the kids
•Tour the museum, blacksmith workshop, jail
•Get your picture taken in the antiques: 1926 Model T; 1956 Mahogany Boats; 1948 Willys Jeep
•Visit our Saloon and listen to our 'honkey tonk' piano
•Meet the Ranch cowboys
•Intro to EAPD games and exercises
•Barbecue lunch and weenie roast

Walk, drive, fly, paddle or swim!

Free admission: 11:00 am till 4:00

Event Date: 

2016-07-06 (All day)