Popowich Invite to Mabel Lake


We, Dennis and Janie Popowich, are inviting you to fly-in or drive-up to Mabel lake for July 18, 19 or longer. Many of you have visited this airpark recreational area experiencing a great outing but now an opportunity for all to visit and enjoy.

The best way to learn about this resort area is to check out the website -- mabellake.com – which details the amenities such as the superb grass airstrip, golf, clubhouse restaurant, accommodations, marina, and beach areas.

As the airstrip is PPR, I ask that you contact me using my email to confirm your planned arrival. ...........No fly-ins without prior contact...... The aerodrome – BF9 - 123.2MHz is 20 miles east of Enderby on Mabel Lake. A few details you should note:

--airstrip 3000 ft. long by 200 ft. wide – smooth, level grass. landings to the north and take-off to the south.

--parking near our hangar ( 2 tone brown) at midfield on west side of airstrip

--fuel - nearby at Salmon Arm 15 min., Vernon 20 min. flight

--many places to fly to within 30-40 min flight

Facilities available at Mabel

-- condo, cabin, and RV accommodation rentals.. As this is the busier time of the year most rentals are by the week. Unrented places may become available for shorter stays 1-2 weeks before dates. Other options are available.

--camping on our property – outside or inside the hangar. lots of room.

--full bathroom in hangar for all to use.

--campfire pit for evening gatherings

--large deck next to our RV

-- WIFI internet available

--Lunch for all that arrive

We enjoy fly-in friends even if for only a few hours. Looking forward to your presence in the Okanagan sun for summer fun...........

Contact Dennis -- popdennis1@gmail.com

cell 604-220-8855 No phone service at Mabel lake

Event Date: 

2015-07-18 (All day) to 2015-07-19 (All day)