99's Poker Run

How to play!

1. Purchase Poker Hands:
•hands are 2 for $10 or 5 for $20
•purchase from a friend who is a 99 or at the first airport you visit on Poker Run day
•you can contact bccoast99s@gmail.com or Alice at 778-883-6406 for more info
•if you’re unable to fly the Poker Hands yourself, let a friend help or contact bccoast99s@gmail.com and one of the 99s will fly it for you.

2. Get in your plane and fly to your first airport. The order in which you visit airports does not matter, as long as you’re in Pitt Meadows by 3 pm to hand your Poker Hands in to the judges.

• possible airports to visit: CYXX, CZBB, CYCW, CAK3, CYNJ, CYCD, CYYJ, CYSE, and the Terminus -> CYPK

3. Find the volunteer table at each of 5 airports and visit them to draw your cards. The volunteer will place a stamp on your Poker Hand sheet corresponding to the card you drew. Then, head to the next airport to draw your next cards.

4. After parking your plane at your last stop, Pitt Meadows, walk to the judges table to draw your last Poker Cards and hand in your winning Poker Hands.

5. While waiting for the results meet the other participants, enjoy the party! and browse the prize list – there are many to choose from!

6. Win a Prize from one of our Generous Sponsors

Event Date: 

09:00 to 15:00