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Flying with ForeFlight Training Video - Online Course

New video helps you become a pro

ForeFlight Mobile has become the most popular app for pilots, with a mix of powerful features and an easy-to-use interface. But like any software, there’s a lot to learn and some time spent learning the basics can really pay off. That’s why Sporty’s developed this comprehensive ForeFlight training video, packed jargon-free tips and real world shortcuts. It’s ideal for prospective users, new ForeFlight pilots and experienced pros alike.


· Learn how to download the app and start a subscription

· See all the powerful moving map features in action, including track up and terrain

· Go in depth with the route editor to learn how to choose the right route

· Find out how to keep your digital charts up to date

· Learn the pre-flight iPad checklist you should use every time

· Get tips for using wireless iPad accessories with ForeFlight

· Fly along on a real trip to see everything in action

· Review quiz reinforces key concepts

· Printable iPad checklist for preflight preparation

· FAA Advisory Circular 91-78 included

· Includes the complete Pilot's Guide to ForeFlight manual

It does not include the synthetic vision

Horst Romani

Aero Club of BC
Blue Skies

Event Date: 

19:30 to 22:00