Northern Rockies Lodge Flyin

March8,9,10 is the Northern Rockies Lodge Flyin. They have made a 3300ftx 80ft smooth runway on the lake. There is snowmobiling, BBQ, Trps to the Liard River Hot Springs. This should be an amazing flyin. The link to the lodge home page is and the poster is part way down the page

Please also mention to your people that we have a limited number of rooms and it seems interest is great from all sides so I recommend making reservations (on our website also).
Please call us ahead of time for current condition reports. Muncho Lake traffic frequency is 123.2Mhz - Callsign "Northern Rockies Lodge".

Our Facebook page will have regular updates posted as they come in. I was out on the strip with the pickup truck last night and did the 100kmh test - there are a few waves but no serious bumps or pressure ridges to contend with so nice and smooth for airplanes. Braking is moderate to good with low friction index due to compact snow on top of the ice.

The airstrip will be open to the public middle of February right through until breakup in the spring. You are more than welcome to fly up at another time if you can't make it for the fly-in!

Thanks for your efforts!

Per. Northern Rockies Lodge Ltd

Event Date: 

2013-03-08 (All day) to 2013-03-10 (All day)