VFC Powell River Flyout

Hi All,

Jonathan from the VFC is planning a fly-out to Powell River on Monday Oct 8. Jonathan Wallace has been working with many of the clubs in our area to promote aviation. Jonathan also writes for COPA too..

Here are the details;
7 aircraft committed, possibly 3 more.
18 people committed already.
Powell River forecast for Monday is a little sun icon with "17ยบ" underneath.
We plan to depart at 0800 and be back by 1300 to leave plenty of time for family commitments.

This will be the last message to the general group on the Thanksgiving fly-out. Let me know if you'd like to join us / receive the remaining emails as we organise the details. (Apologies to any who have already opted out already. I'm going to be working on better tracking that starting next month.)

Please email Jonathan if you are interested in joining up with this fly-out. flyoutbug@gmail.com

Event Date: 

2012-10-08 (All day)