Flight To North Pender Island

A gaggle of LAC members flew to North Pender Island last Thursday evening. The idea started from a conversation between president Ken and Bruce Prior. Ken posted an invitation to all the members and next thing we knew, we had a gaggle. Seven aircraft and one helicopter delivered 17 people for an evening of hiking, eating and good fun. Attending were:

Ken and Joan Wardstrom - Cessna 172, David and Deborah Blom - Cessna 170, Bruce and Jean Prior - Cessna 150, Arne Olsen and Dave Christian - Cessna 180, Rick Church and Brandon Campbell - Cessna 180, Ken Ayre - Scout, Bill and Judy McLaren - Glastar, Roy and Karen Heaps and two friends, Dan and ? - R44.

When we landed at Hastings Field we were greeted by David Grey who lives on the strip and flies a beautiful Howard DGA. The hay had been recently cut and baled and the runway was clear and smooth. We parked our airplanes among the bales and started walking. Our destination was the Port Browning Pub, http://portbrowning.com, 15 minutes away from the airfield. Thursday night is fish and chips night and by the time we got there we were hungry.

The pub was busy when we arrived at 1800 or so and it took some time to assemble tables and chairs to accommodate us. Despite the crowd, service was quick and friendly. The sun was shining and the view was spectacular. We were set for a fine evening.

Many of us ordered fish and chips; it was a good choice! We were served before 1900 and had plenty of time to eat, chat and relax before the hike back to the airfield.

As we approached the airfield we saw five deer grazing on the field next to the runway. We had already seen one deer earlier when it sprang out of the bushes when Roy landed his R44. They are plentiful and added to the pastoral setting.

We departed at about 2030 with plenty of daylight remaining and enjoyed a beautiful sunset flight as we approached the mainland.

It was a classic recreational flying evening.